A disclaimer, don’t get annoyed seeing this title. “What is life ?” A person living life will never get this question, but can think about answering this question. Because I understood, this is one of the most searched question in the world through internet, books and people.

Life is all about being clear about everything ? how we are going to life ? how is our life going to be ? No ! Not at all. I could say, Its all about being clear on ’ Living one own life ! ‘. This should be the only thing everyone should be very clear about. The moment you start living your own life in your style, that is something really called as ’ Life ‘.

Because life cannot have a single definition. It should not be given a definition at all.

What can kill a beautiful living ? I read a blog recently which was talking about ‘Impulses’, Yes, certain impulses in life can try to disturb our living. There are lot items in the list of impulses. Fear is the first one in the list. It can create any kind of disturbance to our living.

How can it be killed ? Simple… Love. Love what you do. Do only what you really love. People may start saying that you are selfish. If you could get that comment, don’t react… but cheers within yourself saying that you succeeded in the first step of living your own life. Selfishness is something really a beautiful one. Because it helps one to love himself.

The one who cannot love himself, cannot love others. The one who cannot love his work, cannot see the beauty in others work. The one who cannot love about what he does, cannot see the beauty of what others does. Its love everywhere. Love is what the total life is dealt with.

Let talk about fear ? Anyone can create fear in you. If you are India ? the main source of fear will be horoscope. The minute you are born, they will start calculating about when you are going to die ? which is going to kill you ? What is the use ? Then whatever you want do in life, you have to get approval from astrologer first ? No body is worried that they are going to share life with the astrologers idea.

True, I strongly accept astrology is a truth. Its a great science. It should be touched by the one, who is passionate about astrology to learn. Someone may have a love for astrology. Then there is no harm for him. But it is not for everyone. If you start your life with astrology, then your life will be If—Else—If structure. But what you are going to create ? When you are going to live with what you really love.

By the way I want to insist on the word ‘really’, If you really love something in your life. Damn, Go and get it. You are conscious now, You cannot do anything after your death, your next life will have some new people. Dont waste your time in thinking, wanna propose a girl ? want to join your favorite animation course ? Start working for that now itself.

Dont just die, seeing the moments of someones life or love. Do it yourself. Either you will live what you loved or you would have experienced a new wonderful lesson in life.

Happyness and Love are the only two great things inherited from life.

Thanks for reading.