Let me tell you one brief truth. I am a software professional. I deal with software most of my time in life. (Till now). Recently I was working in something called ‘Caching ‘, don’t worry whatever technology it is.

I started using caching because of this term called ‘Asynchronous ‘. In IT industry you can hear this term often ‘Request-Response’. This means… if you request for something to a software service it will give you a response… If you ask a horoscope service “How will be the day for scorpions today? “, it will say “Scorpions will have a party today! “.  This kind of communication is called Synchronous; there should be an instant response for a request.

Here the communication is tightly coupled. No response means ‘ Bad service ‘. Why am talking all these now. Yes, most of us live life like a software nowadays. Most of the problems in life occur because of our synchronous nature. Expectations… We always expect for our favorable response. Because we treat people like a software service. If there is no response ‘He/She is a bad service ‘else if there is unfavorable response then ‘ He/She is a bad person’. Most of us have forgotten that every human is unique. We are failing to love them the way they are.

I remember one of my friends quoting “The absence of Expectation and Comparison lead to a great life “. It is true; comparison is a partner to expectations. When our expectation fails, we start comparing the service with other service. If there is no response… we say “It’s a bad service, that service is better than this”

I remember one of my habits which I had long back. When I joined my job, I wanted a phone with good features. I was searching for the best phone in the market. I got to know about lot of reviews, comments from people, vendors, stores… I finally got one model ‘X’. It was claimed that it is the best phone in the market. Yes it is, I was happy buying it. I was happy for few months. Because I was having the best phone in the world, It is better than Y,Z models. I am very sure that no Y or Z can give a phone like X. But this is where I learnt my lesson. My own brand released a phone called “X+1”. Om my god, that’s all. My happiness is gone, I ventured into the mode of buying ‘X+1’.

I realized, I am fighting with myself for holding the best phone in the world… I never realized that I wanted a phone which can really satisfy my needs. Very recently I realized that my needs can be satisfied with a 6000 rupee phone, not by the world’s best phone. Now I am very much satisfied with the handy pretty low cost phone I have. I am happy too.

These are all just my points on Expectations and Comparison. Now, Let me talk a little about ‘Asynchronous’ . Life’s transactions are asynchronous most of the time, that’s what many of us fail to understand. Everything is life cannot give you a response always, rewards always… We should do our part.. That’s all we can do. But we can do the best of our part. Let the response be bad, good, no response or whatever… May be the service was not so expressive to give you a response you like. . Imagine a life everything loosely coupled. It’s an amazing one.

I don’t want to talk more about this concept, as how I explained about ‘Synchronous’. Because you will have your own experience after all.

I recently learnt this from my mistake or lesson. I have got a good experience too. Because we can fail thousand times in life, we will earn thousand lessons. We should fail once for one lesson, we should not repeat the failures for a learnt lesson.

Live every millisecond of your life. That’s an amazing experience.