Learning with real life imagination provides a good learning strategy and comfort in learning. Here I had a chance to compare Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) with some Indian marriages.

It was a coincidence; I got an insight when I was working with computer security. The idea of this article is to explain Public Key Infrastructure using Indian Marriages or to explain Indian Marriage system using Public Key Infrastructure. Either ways, I wanted to share this thought so that any one concept will be etched in your sub-conscious.

What are the major components of a public key infrastructure and why is it used?

This noble idea is created for a secured information exchange. If there are two systems going to exchange information between each other, then the exchange should happen without any disturbance from the intruders who can corrupt, steal, and intercept the data. The setup to accomplish this security between systems is called as ‘Public Key Infrastructure’

Keys: Each system will have its own Private and Public keys. Private keys are generated based on the System characteristics which will be kept within the native system itself. Public keys are generated based out of the private keys which are shared with the other systems. Public keys are typically shared in the form of Certificates. (Both public and private keys are in encrypted form using security algorithms like RSA algorithm)

Certificate Authorities (CA): Certificate authorities are the third party vendors who issue certificates. (Like Verisign, Symmantec, Godaddy, etc…) The systems who wanted security keys can send their information’s like Name, Organization details, address, etc.. based on these information they will create certificates. These certificates can be used for a secured information exchange.

Mechanism: If System A and System B wants to communicate with each other, each system generates its Public and Private keys. In the form of certificates, System A shares its public key to System B & System B shares its public key to System A. For every handshake, data exchange happens once the mutual matching of certificates are verified

Public Key Infrastructure

Public Key Infrastructure

What happens in some Indian marriages?

Each person has their own private and public keys. Private keys are nothing but the family values, desires, secrets, character, habits and thoughts. Public keys are nothing but the characteristics of that person which can be shared to the world. (Both positive and negative with a decent threshold). These public keys are shared in the form of horoscope profiles, which is nothing but the certificates.

Who is the Certificate Authority?

Astrologer is the Certificate authority here, who typically collects the information like date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and generates a horoscope profile. This is nothing but the certificate/public key of a person.

Mechanism: In some Indian marriages, the first level of security is Horoscope profile matching. Person A sends his profile to Person B, Person B sends his profile to Person A. Typically they are exchanging their public keys. Once the characteristics are matching, a relationship channel is established, which enables information exchange.

Indian marriages

Indian marriages

Communication channel is nothing but the matrimony/dating sites or marriage assembler who typically delegates the transaction of data.

What’s my idea through this article?

In life everything has a relationship. Everything in this world is a witness of one another. For example, when look at a car it typically looks like a human face. Eyes- Headlights, Nose/mouth-Engine grill, every car has its own face. Some cars look like an innocent young man, some look like hippopotamus, some look arrogant, some look like a funny girl. Likewise everything can be mapped to one another. This technique can be used to learn anything new with what we already know.

When I joined my profession, I had to work and research on multiple software products. First I was confused with many keywords. One day my manager told me “See the English meaning of the product names or See the reason behind product names first “That mattered a lot in my learning.

That’s it. Every aspect of our life, if we correlate and map its attributes with another similar thing… Life looks so beautiful and simple.