This was funny and meaningful. While i was doing my college, We friends took a separate house for stay. We people were a kind of pet to our house owner. So its scheduled, every weekend we will be served delicious home made food from them.

I have a peculiar habit, When I sit for food. First i will look into all the items served to me. I will prioritize every item, the item which i like the most – I will eat at the last. The item which i dislike the most – I will finish it first, Somehow i will swallow it. Since my logic is , The left over will be the items i like. So that i can finish it off so satisfied.

That weekend, They kept green leafs instead of plates. They started serving items… All south indian, fries, chips, etc.. As usual i added likes and dislikes.

When i started finishing off the disliked, the person serving me thought the other way. He served the item again which i swallowed thinking that i liked it so much.

Crap !

Moral of the incident:

‘ I should not postpone my happiness/delights/enjoyment, Since after swallowing disliked again and again. I dont had enough space left over in my stomach to eat the items which i liked the most ‘

Simple incident, So powerful thoughts given !