In software engineering space,  CAP Theorem is something which everyone would know, at least someone who deals with middleware. Ultimately it says, out of these three factors Consistency , Availability , Partition tolerance only either two of them can be achieved.

This became a source of inspiration for me to write down a similar theorem which very well suits software engineering space. I would like to call this ‘LDC’ theorem.

Here it goes,

In any kind of software development space, it is impossible to simultaneously do(or cover) all three of the following aspects in a software delivery model:

Using Latest technology

Delivery in a short time

Creativity (Or Innovation)

unless the aspect of creativity/innovation is taken care before the development cycle.

This can be a very helpful theorem for solution architects, Eg: if someone calls him up and says ‘I want a great idea to be implemented, which has to be done using the latest technologies and also I want this to be done in next couple of weeks’

I guess no more explanation is needed further if you have anytime worked with software industry on any streams, I would try to write more case studies and detailed explanations here. :)