After a long time, got some momentum to write an article. Though these words were ‘on hold’ in my memory for the past few months.

Thoughts are born out of experience. Meaning they are born after something had happened due your actions. Thoughts don’t come by itself. We do something either bad/good, then we reap some thoughts. What does these thoughts do ? It can do only three things.

1. Make you feel good

2. Make you feel bad

3. Make you tell/share to someone. ( Ultimately it ends up being an advice – Lets ignore this point for now)

Well, either we feel good or bad. We feel something but why it is differentiated into Good and Bad ? I strongly feel that there are NO two entities called Good and Bad. Its just that how we perceive it. They are one and the same.

We categorise everything in life. Actually everything in the world is seen with two faces. Its like Profit and Loss. I love Apple phones, when I see Apple’s shares soaring up I am happy. My friend is a desperate Android lover he celebrates when Google sells millions of phones in minutes. I don’t like to read positive news about Android and my friend doesn’t like to read good news about Apple. But the point is, Do you think Apple or Google will be bothered about me and my friend ? Not at all. They keep making phones, they keep making business. Both companies have their own ideas and values to follow with !

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Good and Bad are like trump cards. This happens only when we believe that there exist a Universal dictionary which has the list of good and bad. Thats not only a Myth, thats our perception and fear over others judgement.

If you keep a test for Sachin Tendulkar in chemistry, he is definitely going to flunk.  So will he be worried that he can’t make it in Chemistry ?

The whole life we worry about what we are not able to do which someone else does ! Most of the time we start living somebody’s life but we have to quit at one point of time.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

All these things happen because we categories everything into ‘Two’ and most of the things we categories ourselves as ‘Bad’.

I am in my twenties now, employed and married. I do enjoy my work but I still feel that I did much better creative things when I was in college. When I was in college, I used to think that I had glorious moments during my school days. When I was in  school, I used to think about my double promotion in kinder garden. So what is going to happen ? After ten years, I will feel ‘ I was doing well when I was just married, I was doing well when I had no kids, .. then lying in the death bed.. I would say ‘ Holy crap I never lived in my present ‘. What is the use of appreciating / depreciating the past ? This clearly proves that everything is alright now. Perfectly alright.

I am pretty sure that all successful people won’t be thinking about success at all. There is no ultimate point in success. We define success. What you are now, You can definitely say you are successful and you can also prove that you are a failure.

Then what is the point of categorising ? A persons life goes well only when he is in a neutral phase. Every good will have its own bad. Every human in the world is good then every human in the world is equally bad too. Take a pencil, list down the good and bad qualities of your wife. The counts will be absolutely same ( Assuming that you are professional in judging ). The same way your qualities count. You have the best good qualities in the world and also the best bad ones. If you are extremely good to something, then you have to be extremely bad at something else too !

The conclusion is all about the choice ! You want to love yourself for what you are capable of ? Or you want to regret for what you don’t have ? Sachin Tendulkar would have died in some corner of the world regretting for not doing well in Chemistry. You can keep hating your friends, relatives, wife, children for what they are bad at ! There is no end to bad things unless you bother about it.

Before you jump on loving others, You have got to love yourself for what you are. You can’t truly love someone unless you love yourself. So what is the best thing to love about you at the moment ?

By the way thoughts learnt from some body is exceptional, though they are not useful. You can’t stick to someones thought  in long term. Whether it is from Sachin Tendulkar or Your Dad. We can read their thoughts but we can’t apply in our life. We can apply OUR thoughts only for OURSELVES, it won’t help someone else. The only useful thing which can be taken from others life is not ‘ How they live ‘ but ‘ Where they reach ! ‘

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks for your patience reading till this end. I am feeling Good ;)

Note: Everyone of us go through different experiences in life. The magnitude of experience differs for everyone and it is unique, whether it is a pain or pleasure. This logic is applicable to all extreme scenarios but for a very good reason I haven’t taken any high magnitude examples. Though as a fellow human what I am trying to say is ‘ There is always a hope/scope to love ourselves ‘.