Things to remember if you are going with your wife for shopping:

1. Make sure your wife has her mobile phone and it is fully charged – you can’t always be with your wife when she shops. If she has a phone, you can keep roaming wherever you want. (Even find a couch and start playing your video game). Let her peacefully shop ;)

2. Be cautious about dehydration. Take some juices often or even you can take yourwife for a quick coffee. It will help you break stress and discuss expectations. (You will get to know how long she still wants to shop further)

2.1 Drink the juice in the shop completely and start fresh again. Don’t walk by holding the juice in hand. Halfway she will handover the juice to you and she will get into a shop. Then you need to find a stand like this, if you want to use your phone.


2.2 Well, Now she may peep out of the shop and show you her selections. And also wants you to watch for her outside the dressing room. Don’t worry , she would have forgotten her juice by now. Throw it off and go inside the shop. Remember to throw yours as well.( Don’t find a rubbish bin nearby – you gotta run)

3. Be present during payments. Even though she has her loaded wallet by herself, try to help her make payments. (Dont worry about your pocket, she won’t that easily select a dress )

4. If your wife is driving the car, help her all the way to reach the mall and even to find a parking. Especially if you are visiting a DFO.

5. Don’t mix your shopping list with her, let her own at least one shopping in a month just for her. ( even if you find a good deal for you, fine postpone. You can’t have all good things at the same time )

Well, we visited a DFO today. It was too much crowded and I never expected it. I just documented what happened today. Because I got a chance to stand outside every shop she visited, where already lot of men stood for their place.