Escape velocity

It was an interesting topic in physics I suddenly got remembered. Escape velocity, every planet has its own escape velocity. If a rocket launched has to go out of earth and reach the space, the rocket should reach the escape velocity (Velocity = Speed). Any aircraft which has the capacity to reach the Escape velocity of Earth, It has the chance to reach space. Else earth will never allow the rocket to go out.

I suddenly got this in my mind, when I came to know about one of my friends who was performing so well in his career, is now not performing well. May be he is frustrated or fed up. (Even I have been like that many times J )

Many of us voluntarily fail. May be it is a boring quote, but the truth is the we would have missed the success lying in the next step. The only reason should be, we don’t have enough escape velocity to move to the step where we wanted to be.

So what do we do next? We return back! Where? To the last step. Our mind forces us to be negative, to take revenge. But against whom you are taking revenge? It’s against you!

Sometimes the success we wanted may not come easily even though we have really worked hard enough. It’s because Time has a role in our life, yes time has its own speed. Based on our perception it moves faster or slower, but actually time never changes its speed. It’s we who always alters the speed.

Many of us fail to realise that we are fighting within each other during our walk over the steps. Oh he is walking in the next step, Oh he is just two steps behind he may overtake me, Lets run over the steps, lets push him down, lets close our eyes and walk, oh shit he is also running now, his legs are long he can jump three steps at a time. Isn’t it funny?

Get rid of the steps! Find your escape velocity. Once you reach that velocity, it will be your own space now, you don’t need to worry about somebody coming behind or you don’t need to see who is before you.

By the way, Keep in mind. Escape velocity is not directly related to speed here, In life escapes velocity can be any quality which is needed in your life now, to escape from the challenges/difficulties.

Like how I wrote this article to escape from my recent sad mindset. J