I always think about thoughts overflow, Thoughts keep arising in us whenever we see something, get reminded of something, do something, or do nothing. Thoughts never stop!

It happened to me today, to read this wonderful article on ‘Defensive Pessimism’, the actual title goes like this – “Why it pays to be grumpy and bad tempered”. When I initially saw this, I thought ‘Okay, people have to invent some new ideas to market their website / to drive more traffic, so is the title’. Nowadays, there are crazy marketing strategies to acquire traffic. Of course, some beautiful contents have to be marketed well.

But this title is even more attractive, so people kept on writing blogs, articles, vlogs and what not, to talk about Happiness, Need for peaceful mindset, Optimism, etc. There are millions of them! So now they are writing articles with this kind of titles so that one would open and read it. That’s what I thought when saw this title at first.

After reading the article (it’s quite long but worth reading) this is what I hold.

I think we have reached a threshold of a mental complexity, and now we are stepping into the next level. That is, not only accepting the reality / practicality but also discovering the possibilities in every little complexity in our everyday life. (‘Threshold of complexity’ is inspired by David Christian’s The history of our world in 18 minutes )

Defensive pessimism, wow! I am sure this would have been an existing concept from a long time ago, but why it is understandable now? Because we are exhausted with all contents with the super hyped Happiness, Optimism & Positivity. We tried to escape from the actual reality, by forcing ourselves in acquiring the so-called good things for ourselves. Also as we are fed with so much of ‘Abouts of happiness & optimism’, we have started moving on understanding the next level of complexities.

Thoughts overflow, Defensive pessimism & Complexity threshold. What am I trying to say?

Let us take a pessimistic example: You want to get rid of something or You want to stop thinking about something, the best way to achieve it is by reversing the process. Keep doing something which you want to get rid of or Keep thinking about something which you want to stop thinking about! Once you explore all aspects of anything which you are doing, it overflows in you. Worst case you will at least get bored of it and move on to something new.

This concept can be related to almost everything in our life. Increasing complexities are very natural; there is no point in getting rid of a complexity or feeling awful about it. Instead, if we try to realise what our complexities are and find a way to deal with it, It simplifies our perceptions.

No wonder Scott Peck started his book ‘Further Along the Road Less Traveled’ with this phrase – ‘Life is complex.’